Critical Moment For Manchester United

Manchester United will face Swansea at home in this weekend. After a draw against Manchester city in the Manchester derby, Mourinho’s squad again lost two main players.

Fellaini in the game against City must receive a red card for violating Aguero by headbutting Aguero, because of this action Fellaini got a 3-match ban. In addition United must lose Fosu-Mensah because suffered shoulder injuries.


These two player are addition to the current list of player who unable to play for the squad. United’s main players who unable to play in the game against Swansea are Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Ibra, Mata, Pogba, Fellaini, and Fosu-Mensah. With the loss of these player, united’s main squad leaves only less than 16 players, the EPL regulation itself requires a team to register at least 16 before the game. It will be interesting to see Jose overcome the current players crisis, maybe he will try to include some young players like Tuanzebe for example.

Premiere League itself only leaves less than 6 matches and these matches is very critical for Jose’s squad. Manchester united in addition still compete in the Europa League semifinal round, red devils still have to fight for the “big 4” positions in the EPL. While the state of the red devil squad can be described not good because losing key players are very harmful in times like this.

In the match against Swansea, Manchester United only has two midfielder that is Carrick and Herrera. Carrick himself now is 35 years old after playing full time in the Manchester Derby and now having to play again after just resting for 2 days is not good for his fitness and certainly can affect his game on the field.

The next matches for united are very important, losing points becomes taboo for the red devils squad. Every player must take all his ability and have the mental as every match is final.


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